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Client: 8020 Communications
Industry: Public Relations
Sector:  B2B


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8020 Communications, a leading PR agency specialising in aviation, travel and mobility, is leading the way in redefining public relations and digital marketing. Their journey is not just about adapting to the evolving landscape of communication; it’s a bold step towards reshaping the way PR consultancy is perceived and delivered. With a deep understanding of the nuanced needs of the aviation, travel and mobility sectors, 8020 Communications is committed to offering bespoke, insightful consultancy that transcends traditional PR practices. In their mission to innovate and lead, they chose Crux as their brand partner. Together, we embarked on a journey to refresh 8020’s brand identity, aligning it with their vision of being more than just a PR agency – a visionary in consultative, strategic communication.


8020 Logo against grey background
8020 Logo in horizontal format against white background
8020 - Brand book montage

In our collaboration with 8020 Communications, we embarked on a unique challenge: to reimagine and rebrand an experienced PR agency as it transitioned into a more dynamic, consultancy-focused approach, embodying their mission to help ambitious brands to outperform. This project was not merely a visual update; it was a strategic repositioning of 8020 Communications to reflect their evolving expertise in both public relations and digital marketing within the aviation, travel and mobility sectors. Our goal was to craft a brand identity that resonated with this new direction and appealed to a diverse and sophisticated clientele, aligning seamlessly with their commitment to elevate brands through insightful strategies and impactful communication.

The rebranding journey kicked off with a deep dive into market and competitor analysis, essential for establishing a standout brand and pivotal in crafting an identity that resonated with their new positioning. As their brand partner for close to a decade, it was of vital importance for us to approach the project with a fresh perspective, almost as if rediscovering 8020 for the first time. This approach ensured that our strategies were innovative and unbiased, perfectly aligning with their evolving ambitions.

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Central to this transformation was the design of a new logo, which encapsulates 8020 Communications’ evolution towards a more consultative and holistic service offering. Crafted with intention, the logo combines a global, circular motif with a graphical representation of the 80/20 split, signifying the agency’s worldwide reach and its strategic focus on delivering maximum impact through precise efforts. This duality in design reflects the agency’s adeptness in offering insightful, tailored solutions within the fast-paced realms of PR and digital marketing, and underscores their commitment to excellence and effective results.

Further, we revised their brand guidelines to encapsulate the new visual styling. The guidelines were meticulously curated, detailing logo usage, a refined colour palette that mirrored their professional yet innovative approach, and typography choices that aligned with their modern and expert image. They also included new messaging and tone of voice strategies, ensuring that 8020 Communications’ brand voice was distinct and consistent across all channels.

8020 mobile web design
8020 signage design - perspex
Brand guidelines for Travel PR Agency 8020 Communications designed by Crux Design Agency
Credentials presentation / pitch deck design for 8020 Communications
Lanyard design for exhibition / conference
Sales brochure design for travel PR agency 8020 communications designed by Crux Design Agency
8020 Communications PR Agency website design montage

The website redesign was a pivotal aspect of the rebrand, emphasising user experience (UX) and interface (UI). It wasn’t just about aesthetic appeal; functionality, navigability, and content clarity were paramount in showcasing 8020 Communications’ expanded services and expertise. The website became a digital bastion of their brand, reflecting their leadership and depth in aviation, travel and mobility PR.

In conclusion, the work with 8020 Communications underlines our expertise in not just rebranding but strategically reinventing a brand’s identity and online presence. It highlights our commitment to delivering solutions that are visually compelling and strategically sound. With 8020 Communications, we set a new standard in transforming established brands, paving their way to lead and innovate in the PR and digital marketing arena.

“Working with Crux has been a fantastic experience and one of our better investments. Their rebranding of our business helped us far better communicate the professionalism and high standards of our work. We’ve seen a significant increase in enquiries and revenue and are convinced that the ‘perception shift’ achieved in collaboration with Crux has played a significant role in this.”

Marc Cornelius
Founder & CEO – 8020 Communications

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