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Client: Harleyford Capital
Industry: Real Estate Investment
Sector:  B2B


Rethink Investing™

As a branding agency with a growing reputation in the investment sector both in the UK and US, we were recently entrusted with the branding and launch of Harleyford Capital. This new investment manager, with a keen focus on New Economy Real Estate and sustainability, represents the latest in our portfolio of high-profile clients. Our expertise in creating dynamic, forward-thinking brands was a perfect match for Harleyford Capital’s innovative approach to real estate investment. Our journey with them was not just about crafting a brand identity; it was about encapsulating the essence of a new player set to redefine the landscape of sustainable investment in real estate.


Harleyford Capital - real estate brand logo design
Harleyford Capital - real estate logo design horizontal
Real estate brand for Harleyford Capital - brand guide spread

In a world where real estate investment is rapidly evolving, our latest project with Harleyford Capital stands as a testament to our expertise in branding within the investment sector. Harleyford Capital, a newcomer in New Economy Real Estate, approached us to establish a brand and online presence that would reflect their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability.

From the outset, our goal was to encapsulate the essence of Harleyford Capital – a company not just participating in the New Economy Real Estate market but defining it. In partnership with the senior team at Harleyford we focused on developing a brand strategy that would resonate with both the traditional investment community and the new wave of environmentally conscious investors.

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The logo design was a critical element, symbolising Harleyford Capital’s modern approach while maintaining a sense of established trustworthiness. Alongside this, we crafted comprehensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all platforms and materials.

The tagline, “Rethink Investing,” encapsulates Harleyford Capital’s ethos in just two words – a challenge to the status quo and an invitation to join a journey towards sustainable investment.

For Harleyford Capital’s corporate stationery and brochures, we meticulously selected designs and materials that exuded quality and echoed their commitment to sustainability. This ranged from using 100% recycled stocks and paper from sustainable suppliers to employing the latest eco-friendly inks and printing techniques. This careful curation ensured every aspect of their collateral was in harmony with their ethos of environmental responsibility.

Harleyford Capital - real estate brochure design
real estate brand Harleyford Capital - mobile web design
Harleyford Capital - branded clothing - wind breaker
Harleyford Capital - new economy real estate investor report
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Harleyford Capital - real estate brand guidelines

The website design was a pivotal aspect of this project. It went beyond mere aesthetics; our focus was on creating an engaging user experience that effectively showcased Harleyford Capital’s vision and services. Emphasizing clarity and appeal, the website serves as a digital cornerstone for their brand, mirroring their innovative stance in the real estate investment sector. Moreover, in line with their commitment to sustainability, the website is hosted on servers powered by 100% renewable energy, reinforcing their dedication to environmental responsibility.

Additionally, we extended the branding to include practical yet stylish branded clothing items, ensuring Harleyford Capital’s brand visibility in every aspect of their business.

The successful collaboration with Harleyford Capital stands as a shining example of our expertise in providing comprehensive branding solutions. This project underscores our ability to craft not only visually captivating designs but also to deeply understand and articulate the core values and visions of our clients. In the dynamic world of investment sector branding, our work with Harleyford Capital showcases our commitment to excellence and adaptability, as we continue to set new benchmarks in the field.

“We’re thrilled with the branding and website design provided for Harleyford Capital. The team’s creativity and understanding of our vision for New Economy Real Estate has been exceptional, resulting in a brand that truly stands out.”

Dean Harrison
Managing Director – Harleyford Capital

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