The Oxbridge Group: A rebranding journey born from sector-specific expertise

Client: The Oxbridge Group
Industry: Executive Search
Sector:  B2B



At Crux, our reputation for crafting impactful brand identities in the investment sector has been the catalyst for many new collaborations. This was precisely the case with the Oxbridge Group, a leading US-based executive search firm specialising in recruiting top investment professionals. Having seen the exceptional work we had previously done for high-profile Real Estate Investment Firms in both the UK and US, Oxbridge Group entrusted us with the extensive rebranding of their business. This project not only reinforces our expertise in the sector but also highlights the resonance of our work across international boundaries.


The Oxbridge Group - Executive Search logo design
The Oxbridge Group - Executive Search horizontal logo design
The Oxbridge Group - Executive Search brand guidelines montage

With a legacy of excellence in both New York and Los Angeles, The Oxbridge Group required a brand transformation that not only reflected their prestigious status but also amplified their unique approach to executive search. Our journey with them began with a strategic analysis that laid the foundation for a holistic brand strategy, aligning with their commitment to precision and excellence in executive search. Our team’s creative endeavour was to ensure that every aspect of the brand, from the logo to the website, resonated with The Oxbridge Group’s unparalleled expertise and their target audience of high-calibre investment professionals.

The cornerstone of our rebranding initiative was the creation of a new logo. Our design team crafted an emblem that is both timeless and reflective of their stature in the executive search industry. The brand mark, a sophisticated monogram of the letters ‘O’ and ‘G’ interlocked, symbolises the integration of opportunity and growth, central to the Oxbridge ethos. This emblem represents the merger of two powerful forces and portrays the firm’s ability to seamlessly connect organisations with elite talent. The logo is a visual testament to their precision, professionalism, and expertise.

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Accompanying the logo, we developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines. These guidelines serve as the blueprint for maintaining consistency across all brand touchpoints, ensuring that their identity is communicated clearly and coherently. The guidelines encompass aspects like colour palettes, typography, and imagery, all chosen to underscore the firm’s sophisticated and authoritative brand persona.

The creation of a tagline was pivotal in our branding strategy. We crafted a succinct, powerful phrase that encapsulates The Oxbridge Group’s essence and distinguishes their service in the executive search landscape. ‘Search.Connect.Place.’ It highlights their key strengths: ‘Search’ represents their diligent hunt for top-tier atheletes, ‘Connect’ for their skill in building meaningful professional relationships, and ‘Place’ for successfully placing candidates in in roles where they can thrive.

The Oxbridge Group - Executive Search brand guide front cover
A web designer creating the Oxbridge Group Executive Search firm website
The Oxbridge Group - Executive Search corporate brochure design
The Oxbridge Group - Business Card design
The Oxbridge Group - Office Signage Design
The Oxbridge Group - Executive Search Candidate Resume

Our design team extended the new brand identity to a suite of corporate stationery and presentation materials. From business cards to letterheads, each element was infused with the firm’s renewed brand ethos. The Powerpoint presentations and pitch decks were designed not just for aesthetic appeal but also for functional excellence, ensuring that Oxbridge Group’s communications are as impactful as their service.

We created a series of brochures that eloquently convey The Oxbridge Group’s services, ethos, and market differentiation. These brochures, along with a tailored social media branding strategy, enables them to engage with their audience effectively, extending their reach and reinforcing their brand narrative across digital channels.

The Oxbridge Group - Executive Search corporate brochure cover and spread
The Oxbridge Group - Executive Search brochure cover
The Oxbridge Group - Executive Search corporate brochure spread
The Oxbridge Group - Mobile web design ipad
The Oxbridge Group - Mobile web design

“Crux’s rebranding for The Oxbridge Group was transformative. Their strategic approach and creative excellence elevated our brand, resonating powerfully in the executive search industry. Truly exceptional work.”

Nina Swift
Founder & CEO – The Oxbridge Group

The finale element of the extensive rebrand was the design and development of their new website. This digital platform is more than just a website; it’s a digital representation of their brand ethos, services, and industry leadership. The website, built with user experience at its core, offers intuitive navigation, rich content, and a design that speaks to the sophisticated nature of their clientele.

By partnering with Crux, the Oxbridge Group has not only revitalised their brand identity but also solidified their position as a leader in the executive search industry. This comprehensive branding solution, from strategy to execution, reflects Oxbridge’s commitment to excellence and their role as a key player in executive search in the investment sector.

Our collaboration with the The Oxbridge Group underscores our deep understanding of and expertise in the investment and executive search sectors. This project highlights our ability to create bespoke brand identities that are visually stunning, strategically sound, and perfectly aligned with our clients’ unique market positions. This rebrand was more than a makeover; it’s a strategic asset that will assist them in their ongoing pursuit of excellence and leadership in the executive search sector.

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