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Client: Industrials
Industry: Real Estate Investment
Sector: B2B


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Industrials is one of the largest UK landlords offering high-quality units with a simple letting process. Their goal is to be the first choice for industrial and warehouse units to let. Their uniquely flexible letting terms, transparent pricing, and support services are all designed to make their customers’ lives easier. As the lead branding and design agency, Crux was appointed to help reposition as the leading provider of industrial business units in the UK.


  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Corporate Literature
  • Sales & Marketing Literature
  • Environmental Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Build
  • App Design & Development
Dark version of Brand identity/logo design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Brand identity/logo design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Brand guidelines for Multi-let Industrial REIT -

At Crux, we recognise the transformative power of a brand that genuinely resonates with its audience. Our collaboration with Industrials is a prime example, where our joint efforts reshaped their brand identity to better reflect their aspirations and meet their customers’ needs.

Our approach commenced with comprehensive discussions with all key stakeholders at Industrials. We sought to understand their vision, market position, and, crucially, the desires and preferences of their customers. It was evident that Industrials needed to be perceived not merely as a landlord but as a provider of services that empower and facilitate their customers. This insight was pivotal in guiding the brand’s direction.

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The next step was to craft a brand identity that truly reflected Industrials’ ethos and appealed to their target market. Our goal was to position Industrials as friendly and accessible, contrasting sharply with the conventional, often impersonal approach in the industry. The creation of the brand icon was an ingenious move – using negative white space, we designed the ‘i’ to depict an open door, symbolising welcome and opportunity. This icon became the cornerstone of Industrials’ visual identity.

Our colour palette selection was vibrant yet sophisticated, complementing the contemporary typographic style. This combination provided a solid platform for the brand’s expression across various media.

Icon design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Mobile version of business website design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Lease guide brochure design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Presentation folder design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Brand book for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Brochure design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Vehicle Graphics on Audi estate for Multi-let Industrial REIT -

To further enhance Industrials’ brand presence, we developed an extensive range of marketing materials, both print and digital. This included tenant welcome packs that conveyed warmth and inclusivity, comprehensive industrial estate brochures that detailed their properties and services, engaging site signage that reinforced their brand presence, and visually striking vehicle fleet branding that carried the Industrials identity across different locations. Each piece was meticulously designed to align with the brand’s ethos, creating a seamless and impactful brand experience.

The project’s success was a testament to the enthusiastic participation of the Industrials team. Their dedication significantly contributed to the rebrand’s impact. From exquisite marketing materials to a cutting-edge, user-friendly website, the rebrand encompassed all aspects of Industrials’ digital and physical presence. The crowning achievement was the recognition of Industrials’ rebranding campaign, which won the Best Marketing Campaign at the Property Marketing Awards.

The ripple effect of this rebranding was profound. Stenprop, the parent company of Industrials, embraced the new branding in their corporate restructuring. They repositioned and renamed their LSE-listed entity as Industrials REIT, adopting the typography, iconography, and colour palette of the brand. This strategic move created a cohesive and unified brand identity across the enterprise.

Our work with Industrials stands as a proud example of how Crux transforms a brand’s identity to align with its core values and customer expectations, creating a narrative that speaks directly to its audience. The Industrials story is more than just a rebranding – it’s about creating a brand that truly understands and serves its customers, underscored by the extensive and diverse range of marketing materials we crafted to bring their brand to life.

“We started working with Crux over 6 years ago and since then our business has gone through some pretty major changes and they’ve been there at our side all along. I am hugely appreciative for what they have done – their branding, design and website work will leave a lasting impression on the whole business for years to come.”

Julian Carey
Managing Director – Industrials REIT

The Industrials’ rebranding campaign by Crux Design Agency won the Best Marketing Campaign at the Property Marketing Awards
Mobile app for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Shutter image for business website design for Multi-let Industrial REIT - - designed by by Crux Design Agency - Branding & Graphic Design Agency in Hampshire
Find your space strapline for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Business website design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Business website design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
Mobile version of business website design for Multi-let Industrial REIT -
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